Hi, Hello!


I'm Luke, after 10 years as a professional photographer, I am more content than ever with being a professional photographer, like everything, you get better over time! Photography is who I am!

Many years ago, in a far away land… (only kidding), the truth is I started photography with nothing but pure passion and raw skill, I didn’t have great equipment, experience or successes and achievements that I can boast of now. Instead, I had my vision of what I wanted to achieve and clear goals, which motivated me at the highest level to work hard and succeed. The success continued and amazed me when I was able to see my photographs appearing regularly in newspapers, magazines and online, all around the world!

I specialize mainly in reportage, which I constantly do during weddings, baptisms, conferences or events. This puts me in the role of the observer who doesn’t create the reality, but experiences it and saves it for eternity, because of this the style of my photographs are real, honest and full of emotions, and above all they are a great souvenir for generations.

Today I work with large international brands, corporations and individual clients throughout Europe, Asia and North America. My photos are regularly hosted in foreign magazines, newspapers, as well as many different websites.

I think that, dreams are a future that you shouldn't be afraid of, only strive, strive and consistently strive for this future!