Wedding photography gives you the opportunity to re-live that special day whenever you want. All you have to do is open the drawer, take out the box and pick up the photographs to bring back those special memories to this moving moment when you vowed to love.

Each couple is a different story for me - the story of two people who decided to be bound for life, trust and entrust me with the serious task of taking photographs on this most important day for them. Fotografia ślubna

Photographing the entire wedding is a serious and a task i take with the upmost responsibility. It is up to the photographer to determine how these important moments will be presented in the photographs, which for years will be a tangible reminder of this special day. My years of experience, allow me to capture the emotions that accompany you and your loved ones during this special day. I avoid posed situations, I approach photography in a very discreet way. Observing from the side, and recording the most important moments of the wedding day and do not interfere with the actual course of events, and thanks to this the photographs are real and faithfully reflect emotions. In my photographs you will simply see your love.


I approach each order individually, I meet with each couple before the special day to get to know each other better during the conversation before signing the contract. Being able to meet and talk is very important because I get to know you and your expectations and you get to know me. This is an important element of our cooperation - thanks to which we shorten the natural distance between strangers and we feel at ease on this important day. Fotografia ślubna


Choose one package which is the best for You or contact me, to take personal package- especially for You!


Zebrałem najczęściej zadawane pytania i umieściłem je poniżej!

How should We talk to You?

It's very simple! No mister, no sir, just Luke or Lukas, and if you know how to speak in Polish: Łukasz, let’s try to do this! I'm Luke, i want to be your friend!

For example:
- Sorry Sir, could you take us a photo?
-Hey! Luke! Could you take a picture?

Here is the different, right? Thats why i prefer just Luke!

How long we'll wait for pictures?

Pictures i will send You within 20 works days after our last meet!

Where do You take pictures?

Mainly I take pictures in my country of residence, Poland, but more and more often I stay outside of this beautiful country! The place where you would like me to take photos for you during these beautiful moments does not matter to me - I enjoy traveling, following new and better frames!

What equipment do You use?

I use just full frame cameras and lenses from Canon an Leica. Editing on Apple and Adobe!

Should we sign a contract?

Yes! Of course! Meeting before the wedding is very important. During the conversation, I get to know you and your preferences, and you meet me. Thanks to this, we make friends and the wedding day there is no barrier between us. When signing the contract, I charge a deposit of 250USD/200EUR - which will take into account your reservation.

How will you give us photos?

All couples, regardless of the package they choose, receive a beautiful wooden box with a dedicated engraving! Inside you can find photographic prints in 15 × 23 format and a wooden USB stick with which all your history is saved!

What if You get sick?

I get sick once a year, so it is very unlikely that it will happen on your special day, but if this does happen, then I have a few trusted photographers who will do the job instead.

Could You give us non-edited pictures?

Nope, unfortunately its impossible!

What are prices?

Prices start from 850USD, but I approach each order individually and the cost of photography depends on your requirement.
e-mail po złożeniu zapytania. 

How many pics do we get?

The number of photographs arranged with each pair individually, because it depends on two standard ones: the package number and the number of guests.

Do You give us USB?

Fotografie przekazuje na spersonalizowanej płycie DVD, na której to znajdziecie 3 foldery:

  • Do druku (Fotografie w pełnej rozdzielczości ok.5500px na dłuższym boku)
  • Do oglądania (fotografie odpowiednio pomniejszone, przystosowane do szybkiego otwierania się)
  • Facebook (fotografie przystosowane jakościowo do wyświetlania na FB)

Ze względu na ciągły postęp technologiczny i coraz częstszy brak czytników CD/DVD w komputerach, możliwe jest dokupienie pendrive’a.

What is online gallery?

This is password proof gallery which I give you via link!

In the past, many times when I was a wedding guest, photographers took my pictures but i have never seen these pictures!

The gallery will be available for a year.


See what people who I had the pleasure to take photos write about cooperation with me!

Ania i Marek

Łukasz, I'm sorry but we went away for the weekend, but we're making up for it with a comment! You are a mega professional, and at the same time a really nice and nice guy who did not embarrass us with his presence! You were very helpful to us on this day, and the pictures were just as we expected - just BEAUTIFUL !!! We were not disappointed. We are happy to send them to family, friends and guests. You have created a unique atmosphere, which is a great souvenir for all our lives! THANK YOU AGAIN!



Magda i Kuba

Łukasz, great shots! My husband and I regret that we didn't meet you on our wedding day and you only did sessions. Beautiful, warm photographs, thought-out frames - we are very pleased and we will certainly turn to you next time!  


Kinga & Dominiki

Luke! I want to hug you with all my strength! We just received a package with a box from you! I look at photos and cry like crazy ... they are so wonderful ... that I can't stop putting them down and I haven't turned on pendive yet ... we are totally delighted, get ready for baptism in two years and we will recommend you to everyone !!!!!! EXCELLENT WORK !!!!



Monika & Adam

Łukasz, najlepszy fotograf. Poważnie. Od początku, do końca byłeś bardzo profesjonalny, a praca z Tobą była bardzo łatwa i komunikatywna. Wiedziałeś czego chcę i sprawiłeś, że było to zabawne, robiąc piękne zdjęcia, które będziemy cenić przez całe nasze życie. Wysłałeś mi tak wiele zdjęć następnego dnia – co miło mnie zaskoczyło! Naprawdę mnie wzruszyło, że to zrobiłeś i mogliśmy cieszyć się, patrząc tak szybko na te zdjęcia! Jesteś niesamowity i mamy nadzieję spotkać się z Tobą, gdy odwiedzimy ponownie! Do zobaczenia w Londynie!



Emilia & Lucjan

Guests visit us and watch photos - everyone is delighted! Besides, I love photos from you and totally if there was a possibility, you should get a Nobel Prize for some shots! You captured the eyes of those in love on one photo (the witness and his girlfriend on the bench), and the next on my mother's smile so beautiful that I have not seen her in such a joyful life. And thanks to you I will be here! I was touched ... And thanks for getting ready for each of the priests. When we meet, I will gladly stick to other brilliant photos!  


Patrycja & Maciek

We will say briefly and simply, we will not lie ... PHOTOS ARE MEGA! Choosing you as our photographer, I knew what I was doing, that I can expect only wonderful photos! It seems to me that I have looked over the majority and I am afraid to watch them to the end, because I will be pity when I see the last ones ... because then I will say - I wish they were over! I was a bit afraid that because of that I would have to fly quite often at the beginning quite often and you won't have anything to choose with me ... However, my fears did not come true, because everything is perfect!


I know that it is hard to choose the best service providers for getting married for the first time! Carefully selected professionals below have my recommendation and I testify for their quality with my own head! 

You have to check my proposes!

Dj Dreep

I met Damian - here a surprise, at a wedding we served together. If I were to describe his work in one sentence, it would certainly be: Professional sound combined with an elegant workplace and a great concert of lights. Involved in his playing to the limit, always adapting to wedding guests. I admit that every time I see the full dance floor, I wonder how it combines these songs with each other, that people have the strength to have such fun! He conducts all parties at the highest level, always with class and personal and musical culture. If Freddie Mercury were to choose For for his wedding, it would definitely be him. Dj Dreep- Dj what a little!




What does it mean? I have completed a special course and have a ID card for photographing church ceremonies. There is no fear that a priest before baptism forbidden and used a photo in the church - which could be associated with the loss by you was commemorative of this special day!